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Our purpose at The Onsite Foundation is to provide scholarship grants to aid individuals who are looking to attend a personal growth program. If you would like to attend a program and wish to submit a scholarship application, please download and complete the following The Onsite Foundation Scholarship Application and submit by mail to:

The Onsite Foundation
P.O. Box 92247
Nashville, TN 37209

Visit Onsite or call us toll-free at 1-800-341-7432 for information regarding personal growth programs that are currently accepting grant applications.

To live, To Love, To Give, To Change.
To Have a Voice.

Imagine the Possibilities!

I’m a changed person. I feel like I’ve been given a new lease on life. I have a new found energy that allows me to enjoy my life, my job and the people around me. I never knew that it’s possible to feel this way. I’ve learned, I’ve gained and most of all, I’ve learned to love myself. Thank you for fulfilling my dream.

- Shani

I can’t begin to adequately thank you for what your scholarship made possible in my life. You have renewed my faith and my hope that I too can survive my past. Today I feel centered, renewed and I have some very clear tools I am using to maintain the Onsite bubble. The gifts your generous scholarship made possible are many and the ripples from that gift will make the world a better place in ways we cannot begin to count.

- Kim

I am sincerely grateful for the life-giving opportunity to participate in and experience the insight of Onsite. Trusting the process of self-exploration and consequently gaining invaluable self-awareness has given me new freedom. Onsite helped me break the chains of my self-imposed oppression. Thank you for financially facilitating my participation at Onsite. It was truly a gift of a lifetime.

- Katherine