Imagine the possibilities

Here at The Onsite Foundation, we believe in the power of helping others and the ability to change lives of those who need guidance. With your help, the Possibilities are endless.

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Imagine the possibilities


Imagine the possibilities


Imagine the possibilities


Imagine the possibilities


Together, we can make dreams come true!

There is momentum on our side, and we continue to make great progress. At The Onsite Foundation, we give scholarships in resourceful ways, giving your non-profit gift as much of an impact as possible. Perhaps you can fund a friend or reach out to someone else in need of support. Consider funding a portion of their dream that could last forever. The culture of healing that exists can lead us into a healthier future, and everyone should have a chance at a new life and a better, brighter future.

Scholarship Opportunities

Interested in attending one of our programs?

Our purpose at The Onsite Foundation is to provide scholarship grants to aid individuals who are looking to attend a personal growth program at Onsite, which provides therapeutic and personal growth workshops and intensives that address core, underlying issues that keep individuals, couples and families stuck in dysfunctional patterns. Learn more about program offerings.


With your help,
The Possibilities
Are Endless